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Remnick and Coates: Video

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Martin Schneider writes:

A couple of weeks ago Emily, Jonathan, and I attended an event at the New York Public Library with David Remnick and Ta-Nehisi Coates. I wrote about it here. The New York Public Library has posted a video of the event here.

That event was pegged to the publication of Remnick's new book about Barack Obama, The Bridge. In line with that fact, Remnick has recently appeared on The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher. The Daily Show's website has video here; HBO, which airs Real Time, doesn't let you see video for free, but a free audio podcast of all telecasts is available on iTunes.

In the Daily Show appearance, Remnick called Jon Stewart a "sweetie pie," and Stewart confessed to an unhealthy obsession with The New Yorker's weekly caption contest. The two men briefly discussed Barry Blitt's originally notorious and now merely legendary cover featuring Michelle and Barack Obama from July 2008. Remnick remarked that The Daily Show "saved our bacon" on that particular subject. It's well worth checking out Stewart's coverage of that furor, to recall both the truly ridiculous (and apparently unanimous) condemnations The New Yorker received from the cable news outlets and Stewart's own bottomless sensibleness.

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