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Tyler Cowen's Literary Dystopia Already Comes to Pass*

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Martin Schneider writes:

A week or two ago, Jonathan Taylor flagged an interesting post by Tyler Cowen, in which he remarked that

In the longer run I expect "annotated" books will be available for full public review, though Kindle-like technologies. You'll be reading Rousseau's Social Contract and be able to call up the five most popular sets of annotations, the three most popular condensations, J.K. Rowling's nomination for "favorite page," a YouTube of Harold Bloom gushing about it, and so on.

I note for the record that Amazon has started to make users' favorite passages in its Kindle books available on the Internet. (Hat tip: Kottke.)

(* Having written that title, I must now put on my "reader" hat and object that it makes no sense whatsoever—Cowen never objected to this future, after all. It was Benjamin Chambers who expressed worries about this, in the comments to Jonathan's post. With any luck, future readers of this post will pick up on my gloss down here. —MCS)

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