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Two Oh One One Yippee-ki-yay

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5321619562_90bef0ef53_b.jpgMy lord there are a lot of alternate spellings for that expression. Happy 2011 to you! We look forward to doing new things here in this space this year and continuing the evolution of our (Chicago-forged!) site design, while remaining the proud obsessives we’ve been—that is, in this public and sporadically prolific way—for six years (!) now. It’s freeing to no longer be New Yorker-centric, but that also means there’s a lot of world out there to cover. We’re going to keep chasing down our particular elusive favorites, quantumly. We believe in blogging. And we’re thankful you’re still here. Tell us what you like, and we’ll listen! We’re open to all the thoughts that are fit to think. —Emily Gordon

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