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The Literary Event of 2004 Happens Tomorrow: Peck, Moody, Bernhard

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Jonathan Taylor writes:

Tomorrow night at 6:30, Dale Peck and Rick Moody share the stage in a post-grudge match, to discuss Thomas Bernhard's My Prizes, at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City. (Free, but reservation is required.)

Here is Peck's pretty wonderful Christmas Eve review of My Prizes from the cover of the Times Book Review. I thought it was devilishly perverse that the real payoff—Peck's explanation of the significance of the texts Bernhard's prize acceptance speeches themselves—comes only at the end of a relatively long essay that, I imagine, your median Sunday reader may not have gotten as far as.

A more dismissive take on these speeches can be found in Zadie Smith's review in the March Harper's, but for registered subscribers only.

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