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I Wish I Could Go Back to College, In College You Know Who You Are

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From a LiveJournal blog:

all nighter - Salinger & Seymour - 1948 - update within the update

4am - I'm here and will be here all night writing a six-page paper about this...

J. D. Salinger
A Perfect Day for Bananafish
The New Yorker, January 31, 1948, pages 21-25

["Bananafish" link]

I realized I shouldn't spoil anything, so just read it, and you'll understand why I find it ironic that I'm wearing a Puma shirt that uses "Puma Since 1948" to monet a bigger picture. Arg. How things work out.



update with the update

I finished my paper, the rough draft, and the reflection. This was ISA all over again. Unforunately, I can't fully extend my left leg, and I haven't felt it hurt this much in a while. ERG!

I've been thinking about Changes all night- The Bruce Hornsby and Tupac version. I think I know why. Read Teddy and Bananfish by J.D. Salinger. Why didn't Teddy resist? Why did Seymour do what he did unemotionally? Vedanta Hinduism?

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