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Today at 4: Sipress, Koren, and Smaller at Makor

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Event reminder:

You can still get a ticket for the Ed Koren, Barbara Smaller, and David Sipress conversation at Makor—this is a great series. Buy tickets and get more info here, or just hustle up to Makor for funny people and wine (included in the price of admission).

NYer Cartoonists at Makor in NYC, 4/9
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Update: What a fun afternoon-to-evening—well organized, thoughtful, and totally entertaining. The Makor audience certainly knew its New Yorker cartoons (could you identify a Booth line from a single squiggle?), but the event wasn't bathed in nostalgia. In fact, the conversation turned into a meditation on how cartoonists negotiate particularly unfunny times and learn how to turn anxiety and disgruntlement (or as we say in my family, being grundled—disgruntlement + Pogo's Grundoon) into wit. Koren, Smaller, and Sipress were warm, self-deprecating, and admirably articulate, and I'm looking forward to talking to all of them again. Fuller report to follow, but don't miss the next one! The wine was good, too.

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