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that led someone to emdashes.com today: "words that rhyme with dumpster." Let's help out this frustrated songsmith or lonesome sonneteer; post your answers in the comments.

With that, I return to jury duty, in the rain.


bumps herhumps herjumps herlumps herpumps herstumps herthumps hertrumps herTrumpsterForrest Gump-sterMost rather suggestive, I admit.

Muenster. there once was a woman from Muenster who blank her blank in a dumpster..

AnonymousJune 09, 2006

How about frumpster, as in, “When she came in for her first day at Vogue, she was just a frumpster that I couldn’t see how she’d survive.” Topical, given the Devil Wears Prada debut. Speaking of that, and by association of Meryl Streep, I just saw Prairie Home Companion. What a weird movie, though nice in parts.

AnonymousJune 09, 2006

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