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New Yorker Staffers, Masters of Rawlings

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Not only did the dellingerous New Yorker team trounce Self yesterday afternoon (apparently the Selves put up a pretty good fight, though), it wasn't the only game won this week by our fearless leaders. (I'm excluding Giuliani from that phrase.) The Post has the tale:

THE scribes put a smackdown on the artistic types in the 58th Annual Artists & Writers Softball Game in East Hampton last weekend. New Yorker editor David Remnick, media writer Ken Auletta and 1010 WINS reporter Juliet Papa were on the team that vanquished a squad anchored by Alec Baldwin and game MVP Roy Scheider by a score of 18-9. Umpire Rudy Giuliani led the crowd of 2,000 at Herrick Park in a raucous rendition of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame." The contest raised more than $45,000 for East End Hospice, East End Day Care and Phoenix House.

Incidentally, this is the 800th published post on Emdashes. (I say published post because I must have 100 drafts I've temporarily abandoned, and have a mind to spring them all on you simultaneously in a busy week. Some are pretty fun, actually.) Let's have a party at 1,000! Actually, the party will very likely be sooner than that. Stay tuned.


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