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Remnick in Princeton: Reviews

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The Daily Princetonian reports, as does Dealbreaker’s John Carney, who finds journalists’ math skills risible. From the Princetonian:
When asked by a student in attendance if he had any advice for Princeton students interested in journalism, Remnick — known for his self-deprecating humor in conversation — responded: “Goldman Sachs.”
He advised that the best preparation for becoming a journalist is often not by way of a journalism degree but by gaining awareness and appreciation for the world around oneself. “Learn history, read novels, travel or travel by the page,” he said.
No matter what your interests, “all of us need to support [investigative journalism] as a form of social responsibility,” Remnick said.
Also, Jason Kottke notices that newyorker.com pieces are no longer split up into multiple pages. Big improvement!


I spoke too soon….the articles are still multiple pages. Blech.

Rats, I hate that!

My experience with cell-phone reading (on an Opera Mini browser) is that the articles are not broken up. I’m still not sure if I like this or not! It makes for a LOT of scrolling, but it also makes for being able to read an article long after the subway has entered the no-internet zone.

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