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The Hilarity of "The Wisdom of Children"

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Boing Boing and Kottke, among others, have enthusiastically linked to Simon Rich’s marvelous expression of childish/childhood perception, “The Wisdom of Children.” It’s comforting to know that even though it’s not a humor magazine per se these days, from time to time The New Yorker can come up with a gem on the level of The Onion.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever read in The New Yorker? I nominate two very recent ones by Jack Handey, “This Is No Game” (1/9/06) and “What I’d Say to the Martians” (8/8/05).

—Martin Schneider


Ian Frazier’s manic fox monologue “Caught” is my recent favorite. (May 29, 2006)

But speaking of hilarity, I love the blog response to Patricia Marx from Park Cities. Just posted on it.

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