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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Mossberg

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Perhaps the best reason to start a blog is to use all the nonsensical puns that are ever-present in your head but that your actual job must restrain you daily from using during the sober act of headline-writing. Anyway, remember Engadget founder Peter Rojas, quoted in this week’s story on Walter Mossberg by Ken Auletta? There’s a fetching photo of the two of them on Rojas’s blog. Technology reporter and Engadget contributing editor Cyrus Farivar is more critical of Mossberg, but acknowledges, “I get the impression that there’s a bit of jealousy amongst almost every journalist that I know…. The fact of the matter is that I respect what he does, but I don’t want his job.” Former Palm C.E.O. Donna Dubinsky, also quoted in Auletta’s piece, comments several times on the post, Farivar replies, and hey presto, a spirited dialogue.

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