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Really! That was at the cocktail party after the whizbang New Yorker Conference yesterday; I’m using the festival illustration to the left there because I love this portrait of me by Carolita. I’ll post proper notes later, and I’m writing up the conference for PRINT’s website, too. For now, I’ll say the conference was very well organized and run (no technical glitches in all twelve hours, as far as I could tell, except when the hit predictor balked), the Frank Gehry IAC building is beautiful, and the laptops on hand for compulsive email checking were from the Dark Star, but I confess I liked them anyway—superfast, with freakish, alive-seeming screensavers. Anyway, some of the high points for me were watching the events with Yves Béhar, Tim Wu, Jonathan Haidt, and Younghee Jung; talking to David Denby (who probably thought I was tracking him with a GPS, but I was just giddy to be sitting near him) and Cressida Leyshon; laughing at the antics of Barry Diller, Arianna Huffington, and Craig Newmark; seeing David Remnick do an ace interview with Cory A. Booker, the plucky mayor of Newark; and meeting Judith Thurman, Ken Auletta, Jeffrey Toobin, John Seabrook, and the unimpeachable Michael Specter. The Spore demonstration was hasty but tantalizing, and the drinks were delicious. What a treat!


so jealous! i kept seeing ads for the conference and wished i could go. thanks for the review, though — almost like being there!!

notbatgirlMay 09, 2007

I love James Surowiecki. Did you actually talk to him? Reading his pieces makes me feel like I actually understand the economy-for a few minutes, anyway.

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