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I Will Be at BEA. Will You Be at BEA?

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Because if you’re there too, you may be able to find me. But how? You could gaze at my photo till you memorize my features. How sweetly sentimental that would be. Or, if you see someone who looks like she might be the editor of a website devoted to a vaunted weekly magazine, plus a bunch of other stuff, then come on up and give her a dollar—that is, a friendly handshake! Places I might be found: the NBCC and other panels, booths for publishers of art and design titles, and anywhere the public ingestion of DayQuil will not be considered outré. Also, in case you didn’t know, the Saturday, June 2, Algonquin Round Table walking tour is free for anyone wearing a BEA badge.

Finally, and forgive me if this has been posted everywhere, but: DayQuil. Barack Obama may well have a shot at becoming a gag cartoonist, although, as you know, the days of New Yorker cartoons with two lines of dialogue are long past. Nevertheless, as the weary Democrat said to her party, What is an optimist, Pop?

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