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Thanks to Brian for the tip! The newest news from Brooklyn Vegan (could anyone in New York in 1925, or 1950, or 1975, even comprehend that something so named would become an essential read for everyone who cares about contemporary music?), as well as from ArtistDirect. The names to remember, besides the ones above: Yo La Tengo, Sasha Frere-Jones (who’s having another dance party), Peter Sellars, Alex Ross, John Seabrook, David Byrne, Hendrik Hertzberg, Ben Greenman, Dick Dale, Billy Gibbons, Vernon Reid, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Nick Paumgarten.

Check the Vegan post for the dates, and get your clicking fingers nimble for when tickets go on sale Sept. 15; channel yourself at 15 trying to be the 89th caller to the local radio station, and be that quick and persistent.

Also, unrelated: I love this. A detailed, critical look back at Oscar-winning films from —just read it.

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