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What’s James Wood going to be like as a New Yorker critic?

Are film bloggers Stepford Critics?

How is New Orleans doing, and does medication help?

Is L.A. really a shallow wasteland, or does it just look that way?

Whose “deadpan sensibility and plump line drawings” does Liesl Schillinger praise in the Times?

What does newyorkette think of the latest issue?

Is the board game based on the Cartoon Caption Contest any fun to play?

Love is the answer—I wonder what the question is? (Printed on the yellow plastic Ziggy comb I found on the soccer field in elementary school)

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Bill James (baseball smartie) years ago reported the following chain of graffiti:

1. “Jesus is the answer.”
2. “What is the question?”
3. “Who was Matty and Felipe’s brother?”

One thing about the cartoon caption game: I’m finding it very difficult to plan to play it!

Boy, that Los Angeles piece was dreadful. And oh so unique…

I didn’t like those quotes in the Washington Post article. Was the article trying to be sensationalistic, or is that supposed to be acceptable public comment?

Evan, I can ‘t agree! I thought the L.A. piece was hilariously written. Most of the funny/sad details, aside from stuff like the Juicy Couture plastic-surgery victims, could have been observed from in any crappy apartment in any city.

James Wood is going to be brilliant. The only reservation I have arises from the change he made to the name of his great Tolstoy review, which appeared in the February 5, 2001, issue of The New Yorker under the lovely title, “At Home In The World.” Inexplicably, when Wood included the review in his collection, “The Irresponsible Self,” he changed the title to “Anna Karenina and Characterization.” The magazine’s editors are going to have to keep a sharp watch on Wood to make sure he doesn’t go academic on us.

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