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At The Millions, Some New Yorker Readers (Including Me) Explain

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What makes a loyal New Yorker reader tick, and what ticks off a loyal New Yorker reader? Find out at this post—”The Greatest Magazine Ever?”—on The Millions, which includes a statement of purpose by your occasionally behind-the-scenes but committed (to be read any way you like) correspondent.


I’ve returned to ‘The New Yorker’ after many years of buying it on the newsstand. There really is nothing else to compare with its eclectic oeuvre and its incomparable writers.

I’m always disappointed when it is a day or two late (damn postal service; or is it at the border it gets held up?).

One complaint though: why are Americans only allowed to provide captions to the weekly cartoon at the end of each issue?

Hi Paul! Yes, I’ve objected before to the exclusion of Canadians, in particular. I think anyone in the world who can write a caption in English, or even a caption with a few snazzy foreign phrases thrown in, should be eligible.

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