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I noticed that in the course of praising this James Surowiecki online-only article on the delusions of the supply-side gang (it really is splendid), Matthew Yglesias expressed some puzzlement that The New Yorker offers online-only content. For shame, Matt!

So in the interests of full disclosure, I thought I’d provide a little tour of The New Yorker’s website and highlight a few recent additions.

First of all, videos from the New Yorker Festival are up! The robust offerings include Seymour M. Hersh, Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, Steve Martin, and Sigur Rós. If you were hindered, geographically or otherwise, from attending the Festival, this is the next best option.

You all know that after an abortive attempt or two, The New Yorker is now successfully pursuing the blog thing, right? New Yorker regulars Sasha Frere-Jones, George Packer, Dana Goodyear, and Hendrik Hertzberg have diligently been updating. The blogs do lack comments and have not quite attained Kevin Drum status yet—but give them time. It’s still a treat to see Hertzberg and Frere-Jones make minor updates to recent articles and Goodyear report on the surfers’ perspective on the SoCal fires.

Users of iTunes may already be aware that New Yorker podcasts are available. Even if you don’t use that program, you can get the mp3 files directly from the site. The latest entry is newcomer Ryan Lizza expanding on his article on Mitt Romney.

Somewhat reminiscent of newspaper websites are the intriguing pictorial slideshows: two recent ones supplement Bill Buford’s article about chocolate and Nick Paumgarten’s article on the Mannahatta Project.

Also, last but not least, remember that a version of the Goings on About Town are also on the website. —Martin Schneider

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