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You Can Vote for Alex Ross, But Only If You Do It Today

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The Rest Is Noise is nominated for a Bloggie for Best Weblog About Music. “Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Thursday, January 31.” So do it now and, if you haven’t had your primary yet, get your voting fingers limber!

Speaking of contests, here’s another Eustace Tilley (and some links to more news on the contest that, to be frank, I’m including here so I don’t lose them); not at all speaking of contests, here’s an endearing and informative page at the Folk Music Archives, featuring a bunch of questions and answers about Bob Dylan (yes!), hamburgers, Ice Cider Jubilee, Harry Belafonte, and other folkie subjects. Also more or less unrelated, although you could make some connections on the socialism side: my friend Scott McLemee’s latest piece for Inside Higher Education, about Bob Avakian, Tom Cruise, and Chairman Mao, not necessarily in that order.

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