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Will the Winners of the Tilley Contest Also Appear in the Magazine?

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I dunno, but this post by Len at the Jawbone Radio Show in Cleveland, who’s been notified that one of his entries has been selected as a winner of the Eustace Tilley competition (congratulations!), makes me curious. Len writes: “The art will be published on Monday on the New Yorker.com and there is a slight chance that I may make it into the print edition as well. I’ll be sure to publish more info as soon as I know it.” A little gallery in the print edition would be a treat, but even if the winners’ circle is online-only, it’s been a great contest for all involved. I’m sure Rea Irvin would have been thoroughly amused.

In case you were wondering, or, as the wise Cary Tennis would say, Since You Asked, I only repeat conjectures I hear from outside the magazine and Condé Nast generally, specifically those already reported elsewhere. That is, I ignore most of them, but I make note of the ones I think dedicated readers of The New Yorker will find interesting. As Jean Hagen once said in her corrosive platinum, “What do they think I am, dumb or something?” More to the point, don’t we have enough of a gossip culture as it is?

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