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From MinOnline (mysterious itals in original):
“With today’s (February 4) release of the February 11-18 anniversary issue, current editor (since July 1998) David Remnick goes a politically correct (if you’re a Democrat) step further with what he and his staff are calling Eustace Tillarobama. Split-run (above left) has either Hillary or Barack on the top, and distribution to subscribers is random. Perfect timing before tomorrow’s (February 5) Super Tuesday primaries, when, perhaps, one of them will really be on top. Artists are Rea Irvin and Seth (no last name).
Here’s the online portfolio of neo-Tilley winners at newyorker.com, not to mention a swell audio conversation about the contest with Françoise Mouly and Matt Dellinger. As Mouly reminds us, should you be tempted to forget, Rea Irvin was kidding around the first time. (Maybe even more than we knew!)


The cover rotates on the TNY website, so that Hillary and Obama each have their turn being on top. But it makes me dizzy!

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