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Maybe We'll Witness Tony and Tina's Wedding After All

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Martin Schneider writes:

So they want to turn Tina Brown’s biography of Princess Diana into a musical. Over at Gawker, readers are busy casting the musical—mostly with people who never stray from film or TV. (I love that “NOOOO!” department.) It would be the first time a New Yorker editor has inspired a musical since Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary flop Ross!

I think the only rational response is to think up silly song titles. I came up with a few to get us started:

“Royal Love Train”
“Balmoral Hazard”
“Shy Di”
“Raine, Raine, Go Away”
“The War of the Waleses” (medley)
“The 42 Longs”
“I’m Just Looking For a Guy with a Gulfstream”
“Hasnat Khan a Lovely Smile?”
“The Royal Oui”
“Mama and Paparazzi”
“That’s an Awful Lot of Flowers”
“The People’s Princess”

Got any to add to the list? (And just kidding about Ross!)

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