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Introducing "The Wavy Rule," a New Emdashes Comic by Paul Morris

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We’re delighted to announce that Emdashes will be publishing a daily comic by friend and fellow New Yorker admirer Paul Morris, on themes typographical, historical, and technological, on personalities of all kinds, and, of course, on the magazine past and present. It’s called “The Wavy Rule” in honor of Rea Irvin’s signature squiggly line.

Born in Beverley, England, Paul has a B.A. in History from UCLA and a Master’s in History from Brown University. Since 2006, he’s written and drawn a webcomic called “Arnjuice.” You can see more of his work on his Flickr page, and he has collections for sale at Lulu. He’s currently studying graphic design at the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles.

We’re so pleased to have him drawing for us—we think he’s a perfect addition to the crew. If there’s a New Yorker-related or other idea you’d like see Paul draw, please email us and we’ll pass it along for his consideration. After the jump, the first installment of “The Wavy Rule,” inspired by Paul Goldberger’s recent story “The Forbidden City,” about the makeover of Beijing.



How delightful! Welcome aboard, Paul.

Thanks very much, Benjamin! A pleasure to be here.

Congratulations from a fan of Arnjuice!

HAHA, I love it!

“Wavy” rules!

Consider this site “bookmarked.” Very funny stuff, Paul.


I love your cartoons. They show a lot of humor and wit.

Droll. More, please.

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