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The holiday weekend sparkles in the near distance, but I’m really excited about Monday. Not only is it the day I go see Kabluey at Cinema Village, it’s also the day I’ll have the pleasure of introducing you to our Emdashes summer interns: Sarah Arkebauer, Taylor House, and Adam Shoemaker. They’ll be contributing in many ways beginning next week, and you’ll see right away why we selected them: They’re remarkable people, and talented as can be.

Also on Monday, we have a contest. The first of more. In cartoon form. My heart is racing as I type. It is. Get ready to be tickled, and if you’ve misplaced your thinking cap, time to dust it off (there’s no unmixing these metaphors)—your creative time has come.

Happy weekend, and while I’m away, enjoy further installments of Paul Morris’s Emdashes comic “The Wavy Rule,” which will continue daily over the holiday weekend. Even Gawker can’t say that.

Update: PRINT is closing an issue, so I introduced the interns on Tuesday, and will run the contest shortly. Old media still wins!

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