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I Wish I Could Limn-y Like My Sister Kate

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On The New Republic’s site, there’s a good video co-starring my brainy sister Kate, a progressive energy policy analyst, who’s lately been working with Newark mayor Cory Booker (about whom Peter J. Boyer wrote an excellent Profile early this year) on labor and environmental projects:
As part of TNR TV’s series about the new environmental movement, TNR reporter Dayo Olopade sits down with environmental activist Kate Gordon and policy specialist Bracken Hendricks to discuss whether “green jobs” can actually help solve the current economic crisis.
Just in case you haven’t read Elizabeth Kolbert’s piece on the Danish carbon-footprint-reducers, by the way, it’s really something special. (Warning: It will make you feel weird about flying.) The New Yorker has been doing a swell job upholding its reputation as a leading voice on the environmental crisis, I think. Its coverage of China has also been increasing dramatically, if I’m not mistaken—I can think of half a dozen recent pieces that are gradually mapping China’s environmental, social, educational, athletic, architectural, financial, and musical life in intensely entertaining detail.

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