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Winner of the upside-question-mark naming contest!

Paul Morris, who also drew the triumphant illustration above, writes:

In a village of La Mancha, the name of which we have no desire to call to mind, a lone upside-down question mark polishes off his newly granted escutcheon. He had been invited to appear at the royal palace at Aranjuez the night before. There, he had jostled with his worthy and eminent rivals: second-place winner The Qué Mark, submitted by Liesl Schillinger, and third-place winner Quiggle, proposed by Carolita Johnson.

With a sultry clickety-clack of Sevillean castanets, the strumming of veteran vihuelas, and the Mediterranean thumping on the adufe, the upside-down question mark received his name: Interroverti, proposed by Nadine and Chris LaRoche. The Spanish kings smiled gracefully at their faithful servant, who was treated to a glass of sherry and a display of fireworks that illuminated the Tajo on the hot September night. Interroverti’s rivals were also bedecked with medals hammered from fine silver and cinnabar from the mines of Almadén.

The newly named punctuation mark will now sit proudly on his lean hack, and tilt at grammatical windmills with lance and buckler.

We here at Emdashes would like to thank all who submitted entries to our contest, and we invite you all to participate in our upcoming contest, to be announced soon. It, too, has a punctuation theme!

And, as before, there will be prizes. For their winning entry in this contest, Nadine and Chris LaRoche will enjoy either dinner for two at the Spanish, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Dominican, &c., restaurant of their choice, or a beautiful copy of Pablo Neruda’s immortal The Book of Questions. Nadine and Chris, let us know your choice, and we’ll get it to you by something faster than the existential-pony express.


Hi Emily:

Just wanted to inform your readers that the Westfield Library in Westfield, NJ. is devoting much of October to Charles Addams Month. For special events, readers can go online for the library web site, and they’ll get the latest event info. If you’re traveling from NY Penn Station, take the Raritan Valley Line to the Westfield Train Station stop. You change at Newark for that train; the ride is just under an hour each way. The Westfield Library is about a 10 minute walk from the station. The Charles Addams biography published recently has very well researched chapters on the artist’s early years in Westfield; his old house on Elm St., I believe, is still there.

David PomerantzSeptember 23, 2008

Paul: your narration of the ceremony is, literally, fantastic and very funny. Cervantes would be proud of your wit and imagination.
Congratulations to Nadine and Chris for their ingenious and erudite entry: it is a worthy winner.

Thanks, Carmen!

I’m still going with the interro-mark.

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