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Emily Gordon writes:

We’re in full Festival mode, Paul went back to his hotel just to draw about the Mary Gaitskill and T. C. Boyle event, and we’re tweeting like the mid-flight rockin’ robins we are, but in between bites of our hors d’oeuvres, you’re going to want some equally tasty tapas, and that you can find at the official Festival blog. Sneak preview: Jon Michaud, co-author of our soon-to-be-upgraded-to-first-class column Ask the Librarians, reports, to my pleased wonderment, that at last night’s event “Tales Out of School,” “Throughout the evening, the deputy books editor, Leo Carey, provided musical interludes on his cello.”

More reports from Martin and me tomorrow, and while Paul is going to do most of his rounding up and reflecting back home in Los Angeles, we’re already sure his posts are going to rock our world, since that’s what he does in SempĂ© Fi every week. We’ve been told that the title of that column is perhaps the most meta of our admittedly very meta activities here, and we smile shyly and say, “That’s just what we were going for.”

I’d like to add, gratuitously but happily, that I’ve always been glad I asked Cartoon Caption Contest winner #29 and Park City, Utah, resident T. C. Doyle how he felt about the work of T. C. Boyle, who had a story published in The New Yorker the very same week as the announcement of Doyle’s winning caption. Those Caption Contest winners are funny folks, the lot of them. (Also, smart; read what he says about Bruce Eric Kaplan.) And persistent, too!

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